We will not make a spare key for your BMW. WE WILL ONLY MAKE KEYS IF YOU LOST YOUR BMW KEYS!




Expected to pay $3 to $5 for replacement and shocked to discover that the dealer wanted $2300.00 for a set of keys? Even more surprised to hear that you will be waiting more than a week to drive your car?

We can help.
We can get your car up and running for a fraction of what it will cost at the dealer. We are the ONLY source with a solution for any BMW when all the original keys are gone.

Price for the service is $750.00. This will include 4 cut & programmed NON-Remote transponder keys.
This service is NOT for any flood vehicles! NO EXCEPTIONS!
This service is for Salvaged Title BMW’s or BMW’s equipped with a EWS 3 & 3+ moduleĀ in which all keys have been exhausted from BMW’s data base & you’re informed by the dealer that you have all the locks in the vehicle replaced along with a new EWS module.
When these BMW’s are manufactured, they’re built to have 1 master key work every lock (Ignition, Doors, TrunkĀ & Glove compartment) You have to be 100% sure that none of the locks has been changed and you only use 1 key!